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News flash!

Apparantly there was a meeting yesterday discussing this year's musical, and our courageous Little Leo made a point to say that it MUST have a full pit. So no worries about Hair, then? (since that apparently only has a 'rock band' or something?)

And the lock to the orchestra room closet was stolen. Leonardi said she knows which student did it, but I'm thinking... (dun dun dun) ... Carlos Santiago, who else? Either that, or the kid stole it to create a shrine to the Big C.S.

On a completely unrelated note, I bought the West Side Story (Broadway, not movie) soundtrack today, and wow... that's some impossibly amazing music. Listening to "Cool" and thinking, "Errrr, I guess we could pull this off. If we had some brass players. Or rather, the entire jazz band. And a few philharmonics..."

Just a valiant effort to kick some life into this community!
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